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Source: Forum at Stars! Auto Host (updated version from: 11th Nov 2007)

Stars! Order of Events

  1. Scrapping fleets (w/possible tech gain)
  2. Waypoint 0 load tasks (if done by hand)
  3. Waypoint 0 Tasks
    1. Waypoint 0 unload tasks (By hand)
    2. Waypoint 0 Colonization/Ground Combat resolution (w/possible tech gain)
    3. Waypoint 0 load tasks (Random player order)
      * Other Waypoint 0 tasks *
  4. MT moves
  5. In-space packets move. Packets that will hit planets decay pro-rated by distance traveled.
    1. PP packets (de)terraform
    2. Packets cause damage (Packets impact, oldest first, in planet-id order)
    3. Planets hit that end up with 0 colonists become uninhabited
      (Player order -lower- deterines whose packets hit first)
  6. Fleets move (run out of fuel, hit minefields (fields reduce as they are hit, lowest # fleets hits mines first), stargate, wormhole travel)
  7. Inner Strength colonists grow in fleets. Overflows to player owned planets.
  8. Mass Packets still in space and Salvage decay
  9. Wormhole endpoints jiggle/degrade/jump
  10. SD Minefields detonate (possibly damaging again fleet that hit minefield during movement)
  11. Including AR *waypoint 1* remote mining of colonized worlds.
  12. Production (incl. research, packet launch, fleet/starbase construction)
  13. SS Spy bonus obtained
  14. Population grows/dies
  15. Packets that just launched and reach their destination cause damage (Impacts are in planet ID order)
  16. Fleets refuel at bases
  17. Random events (comet strikes, etc.)
  18. Fleet battles (w/possible tech gain)
  19. Meet MT
  20. Bombing
    1. Player 1 bombing calculated
      1. Retro Bomb, delayed effect.
      2. Normal/LBU Bomb Damage Calculated
      3. Smart Bomb Damage Calculated
      4. Defences Recalculated (Retro Bombing takes effect).
    2. Player 2 bombing calculated and so on in order with players 3, 4...
    3. Planets with 0 pop lose defenses, planetary scanner, invasion tech gain possibility, the production queue, and the insta-terraforming of CA's.
  21. Remote mining
  22. Waypoint 1 unload tasks
  23. Waypoint 1 Colonization/Ground Combat resolution (w/possible tech gain)
  24. Planets with 0 pop become uninhabited
  25. Waypoint 1 load tasks (Random player order)
  26. Minefields Decay
  27. Mine Laying
  28. Fleet Transfer
  29. Waypoint 1 Fleet Merge
  30. CA Instaforming
  31. Mine sweeping
  32. Starbase and fleet repair
  33. Remote (De)Terraforming

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