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Stars!: Duelling Club Championship:
Finale (7c1-duel) between Bystander and Perrindom

Game hosted by Altruist in 2007/08.
The maps are made with the help of the Stars! Notebook and Irfan View

Announcement and rules of the 2007 Championship: Stars ! Duelling Club championship 2007
Players and draws: 2007 Duelling Club championship draw
Announcement and ruels of the finale: 7C1-duel: Duelling Club Championship 2007 FINAL

Year 2401: Starting Positions

Map Year 2401


Year 2410

Map Year 2410


Year 2416

Map Year 2416


Year 2422

Map Year 2422


Year 2429

Map Year 2429


Year 2436

Map Year 2436
In 2436 Perrindom, playing the Svaevers, gives up and cedes victory to bystander, playing the Malcontents.


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