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Altruist's Collection of Strat & Tact

Stars! is still one of the best and most thrilling strategy & tactics game, especially when played with/against other human players. For this purpose games can be hosted at Stars! Auto Host. There you can also find more articles, a forum, tools and downloads of the game (demo version). Stars! was programmed by Jeff Johnson & Jeff McBride in 1995, regularly patched until 2000, and, to our utter regret, those two fine game programmers have vanished from the scene because of the nowadays difficulties to find publishers for games which aren't following the main stream.

Since the game is around for quite some time now, there is a great wealth of superb articles which, often enough, aren't only interesting for Stars! games purposes but for everybody who is interested in strategy and tactics in general. For mainly my own convenience (out of fear that some really good articles get lost due to abondened websites), I have collected some articles by various authors here. Wherever possible I posted on top of the article the original source or where I stumbled about it. From on the old Stars-R-Us website articles came traditionally on a black star-background with the text in this kind of light blue (ah traditions... the contrast could be better, couldn't it?).

Regards, Altruist

5th Dec 13: adding Xtreme Borders to Tools because its home website "Pirates Retreat" is no more.
29th July 13: some links and descriptions reworked
23rd April 13: added Micha's Starsbackup Tools, slightly modified.
20th Jan 12: introduced max-width of pages to be 1300px for better reading with wide displays
28th Dec 10: updated, new link to the Stars! Wiki
23rd Dec 08: added Hints & tips by Altruist
22nd Dec 08: Old Stars! version 2.0b made available by courtesy of mlaub, see Old Stuff
19th July 08: Per's Terra-Hab-Tool, V 1.00 added to the selection of tools.
8th Feb 07: Stars! Official Strategy Guide: another typo corrected: jihad.gif to Jihad.gif
18th Jan 07: images for the finished game Antiball redone, now much smaller (from 167kb down to 69kb)
17th Jan 07: Stars! Official Strategy Guide: since Mare Crisium there was a typo for an image link in ssg08.htm, corrected bbcapac.gif to bbcapacit.gif
17th Jan 07: added this small news section
6th May 2006: Start of this Website, upload of articles etc. (remove the 9spam)